Question Can not open or any other IP addresses (inside Network) + no Network discovery

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Nov 19, 2017
So, I had this issue for a quite while now. whenever I try to open any addresses such as (my router's setting page) or others such as (my DVR) or any other addresses I get an instant "unable to connect' and it won't open the page. (On other devices I am able to open em so the issue is not from them)
Also on this specific laptop is unable to find any other (local) devices on my network such as other Pc's and I also can't host or join local games.
I have two wireless adaptors, One is the built-in adaptor and the other's a USB adaptor.
Network discovery is on, there is a problem with the Firewall.
So yeah, I'm open up for suggestions


Nov 19, 2017
Try to plug direct to router. computer direct. What happens when you type address into browser address?
Hi there, currently posting this reply while being connected by plug to router, still no luck
Also when i type the addresses in my browser i will get an instant problem loading page, plus i have tried ping the adresses via cmd ping command andin there, i get General failure while pinging.
I'm thinking about a clean install of windows 10.
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