Will not charge even tho it says it is on multiple cords


Mar 5, 2017
I have the Maven Pro Rca Android Tablet. The original ac pin charger quit working a few days ago so I ordered another specific to this model. While waiting for the new cord to arrive I attempted to charge it through its 2nd option for charging through the Micro usb. Tried several cords and each said it was charging but The battery never rose over 54%. The tablet was also completely shut off during this time as I did notice that even though it said it was charging the battery was decreasing when on. While off Percentage never changed.

Well I recieved the replacement pin wall charger yesterday and attempted to use it. Same thing, tablet said it was charging but didnt. I checked it after about 30 minutes and found the battery had actually drastically decreased! So I removed the cable and attempted the Micro USB again. Same result. Within 2 hrs the tablet (while off) completely drained. Now it will not recognize any charger.

What could be the problem? I have checked from the cord to the battery with a multimeter and as far as i can tell i am getting the correct voltages but will not charge or turn on. It still will not recognize any attempts to charge from either port.


Mar 5, 2017

The battery also tested good. Assuming it can be checked in the same manor as other batteries (ie: AA batteries)
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