Question will putting a tmobile mvno sim actually get me a chance to unlock it


Jan 9, 2017
just bought a tmobile phone and it works fine with my TM mvno sim but tried the unlock app and no go. i reddit awhile back that if you put an active tmobile mvno sim into a tmobile phone for 40 days will allow it a chance to unlock it via the unlock app on the phone if it is not blacklisted. also read the requirements and the one that does concern me is the following
- The account associated currently using the device must be in good standing
im not nor ever have been a tmobile customer. im using a red pocket tmobile sim in my 1+6 (oneplus6). want it unlocked as it increases the value. thanks in advance anyone who knows the details on tmobile unlock app success.
PS ive had many metropcs phones unlock fine via unlock app but tmobile maybe once in the past. whats up with that?