Will Sims 3 be playable on my Packard Bell laptop?


Sep 23, 2017
So I've heard that The Sims 3 is quite a beefy game, and I'm sick of the Sims 4's lack of content. The Sims 4 ran perfectly fine on my laptop, and I also had several Mods and Custom Content installed too, as well as every Expansion pack, Game Pack and a few Stuff Packs. I've decided to downgrade to the Sims 3, and was wondering if my laptop: Packard Bell - EasyNote AMD Athlon II P360 (4GB DDR3 Memory, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250, 500GB HDD, etc) would make the cut. I would of course remove Sims 4 from the laptop, and I don't really have anything else that would take up space. Also I would definitely have at least 5 expansion packs, if not more, and a couple of stuff packs too. I wouldn't use any Mods or Custom Content for Sims 3. I would like the least amount of lag as possible. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.