Will Sony's intentions with Blu-Ray violate anti-trust?

Will Sony''s rumored intentions with Blu-Ray violate anti-trust laws?

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Jan 26, 2006
I've read rumors (no factual basis) that Sony will not offer their Sony Pictures / Columbia Pictures content on HD-DVD; it will only become available on Blu-Ray. I can understand the logic behind this course of action on Sony's part. But I cannot condone it nor do I wish to suffer it.

First question: Can anyone validate or refute this rumor?

Second question: If it turns out to be true, then does this not represent a violation of anti-trust laws? In other words, if you want to view Sony's content in HD, then you are required to purchase a piece of technology that incorporates a licensed copy of Sony's technology patents for Blu-Ray, at a minimum (e.g. if you buy a Samsung)... or worst-case you have to purchase a piece of hardware from Sony.

Here's my thinking: Sony has a monopoly on their movie content. This isn't a monopoly on all movie content, of course, but is on any movies owned by Sony / Columbia. So in essence they have a large number of micro-monopolies. If you want to view a certain movie that they own, then they're the only game in town.

If Sony's home video division decides to only offer their content on Blu-Ray - and there can be no technically-justifiable reason for this, as we all know - then they are in essence forcing a consumer to buy "A" (Blu-Ray technology) in order to get "B" (HD video content), and drive the competition "C" (HD-DVD based technology) out of business. They are using their numerous micro-monopolies in the home video market to impact and constrain our purchasing options in the consumer electronics market in their favor.


Nov 20, 2006

They can do with their content what they want, I do see your point but we can't have government making media companies provide their content on every format they wish.

No doubt the pathetic EU will probably try this case, they like to bully foreign companies around.
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