Will this laptop be able to handle what I do?


Aug 5, 2013
Hello guys! Currently I have the HP Envy SleekBook 6-1010US, and while it's a handy laptop, I have been doing more things on the computer, and it hasn't been able to handle everything I do (it only has a dual core AMD A6 processor).

I am buying a new laptop, and my budget is $600. I am going to wait for Black Friday in case of any crazy deals, but I found this laptop on newegg for $534. It's an HP Envy 17.


It has an i5 processor and 8 GB of RAM. The graphics are intel hd 4000, but I don't mind since I don't do any major gaming (just small games from time to time). Some things I do are basic video editing, programming, web design, and of course web surfing (YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc.). I do these things on my current laptop, and it hasn't been able to handle it well (CPU always running at 80-100%, getting really hot, fan spinning wildly).

Will this laptop be able to handle my daily tasks? Or should I wait till Black Friday and get a more powerful laptop at a higher price? Thanks in advance.


Nov 5, 2013
An I5 will be easily able to carry out your day to day workload . IMO , you should get an I5+SSD combo , if you can get. That would be best.

The only two parts that usually cause lag , are either the CPU , or the HDD.

I have an I7 3610QM , but I find that to lag , because of HDD. So , make sure that you get a SSD , if possible.