Windows 10 Slated for July 29 Release

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Jun 1, 2015
I have gradually been coming around to windows 10 albeit very slowly and somewhat grudgingly since I really don't think there is enough in it to justify it as a new version but rather a slight improvement on windows 7 with a worse interface. The live tiles are a complete waste of time so was the first thing to be disposed of, the current version start menu is annoying so replaced with one of the windows 7 free download. Start-up times are considerable slower but I am putting the down to being a pre-release version so need to see how a full release compares. It is still extremely full of bug where the system just hangs and requires reboots. One thing really irritating is the busy graphic of spinning balls since it give no indication how long to go on any process and on a few occasions I have left it to do whatever it is doing only to come back hours later with the busy spinning balls still going so no idea what is happening or when it may complete so just end up with a power cycle. A minor point is that I also hate the icons so been using stardock to replace those and most work ok but some corrupt so hope stardock bring out a working version soon. Drivers are not all compatible and some older devices are missing so my old adapter raid cards are no longer supported and some network and USB cards are not functioning as they should with frequent network dropouts. All in all I will keep just the one computer on windows 10 but my other computers will stays as windows 7 and Linux and I am actually more in favour of moving more toward linux full time that moving to windows 10
Speaking of Windows 10, as of yesterday I have an annoying windows icon in the taskbar of both of my laptops and my tablet that wants me to reserve my copy of Windows 10. Any idea how I can get rid of this icon?
Not open for further replies.
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