Question Windows 11 Upgrade Requirements

Oct 18, 2021
As Windows 11 has been released, I had no problem upgrading my larger Dell Inspiron 17 7773 to Windows 11. But when it came to upgrading my smaller Dell Inspiron 13 5378 to Windows 11, it did not meet the requirements. First TPM 2.0 needed to be supported and enabled. Second the existing Intel Core i3 7100 Processor did not meet the requirements for Windows 11. I have heard that as far as Intel Processors, Windows 11 will only work with 8th, 9th or 10th Generation Processors. Come to find out that the Processor on my Inspiron 13 5378 is built into the System Board or Motherboard. I cannot just change out the Processor. I have to change out the whole System Board. I have looked for a replacement System Board with a Processor that will meet Windows 11 requirements to no avail. In trying to find a System Board with an approved Processor, I came across a System Board for a Dell Inspiron 13 5379 which has an approved Processor for Windows 11. Now I am wondering if the System Board for the Inspiron 13 5379 would work in my Inspiron 13 5378?
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I would not bother with replacing a motherboard in a laptop just to go to Win 11. Nothing wrong with 10 till it's not supported anymore. Only way to know if the motherboard would work is if you find someone that tried it already. Even if it will physically fit and the case cutouts match, does not mean it will work with the screen, keyboard and other connectors.
Nov 9, 2021
I recommend backing up your personal files to one drive then selling/trading your computer for a win. 11 compatible one and sync your files to the new computer.
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