Windows based tablet or laptop with most accurate pen recognition.


Jan 12, 2013
Hello everyone, I need advisement on what tablet/laptop to buy for writing with a digital pen.

My work involves a lot of mathematics. For a long time I've wanted to transfer my work from pen and paper to a digital medium. With several touch based windows 8 computers now hitting the market it finally seems a possibility.

Basically what I'm looking for is a windows based computer (notes will be stored in Onenote) that can be held like a paper based notebook (so tablet or laptop/tablet hybrid) with exceptional pen recognition. I wouldn't be using it for anything except writing mathematics, so a really large hard drive or gaming grade gpu aren't very important, it would just need "pen on paper" like accuracy.

I know Fujitsu brags about their pen recognition (but they're so very expensive) and I remember when Microsoft claiming their surface pro would have precise writing capabilities because the screen would be "thinner" than other tablets or something to that effect.

Still, I wonder if this community could suggest a better device for my needs? I'd be willing to spend just over a thousand dollars.

Thanks in advance.