Windows laptop as good as Macbook pro


Sep 13, 2013
Are there are windows laptops that are as good as a macbook pro. By as good as I mean as light, thin and quiet and build quality??

This is not a troll question


Mar 25, 2010
Look at the Ultrabook models from top tier manufacturers like Lenovo, HP, and Dell. Focus on their "Pro" or business grade models. There you will find quality models that are thin and light, yet still offer features like touch screens and expandability that Apple does not. Beyond that, you will have a huge choice. Do you want an 11" screen model for extreme portability, or a larger screen for productivity? Do you want a laptop/tablet hybrid, or a more traditional form factor? Do you need 32 GB RAM, high end video card, and an I7 processor, or is long battery life more of a concern? Laptops always involve trade-offs, so you need to decide which features are critical for your needs, then look for a machine that fits. That is where Windows machines have the advantage, in the wide variety of choices available to fit every need rather than Apple's one size fits all approach.


There are likely to laptops that would be comparable to MBP, but I suppose that depends on what features you are looking for.

The 14" Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (carbon fiber chassis) was the lightest (2.99lbs) 14" laptop around when it was released either earlier this year or late last year. It may still be true today. All ThinkPad X laptops are below 4lbs.

The ThinkPad T series may not be the light laptops around. But the T440 / T440s ultrabooks starts at 4.0lbs / 3.6lbs. The more traditional ThinkPad laptops like the T440p and T540p have a long history as being very rugged laptops. They are designed to withstands a 30MPH or 35MPH direct impact and still function properly so that you can retrieve vital information off the hard drive. Naturally it will not look pretty after such an impact; though a few may say it would be an improvement.

For workstation laptops that are used to digital art / 3D rendering where color accuracy it the utmost importance, then you can impress people with HP Elitebooks especially with the "DreamColor" display. If they are easily impress by how expensive the workstation is then have no fear since there are even models in the $3,000 - $5,000 price range.

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