Wired speakers and Bluetooth speaker play at the same time?


Dec 8, 2016
I Have a Sony 130 Receiver with 4 wired speakers in the living room. I purchased a "Bose SoundTouch® Wireless Link Adapter" that I will connect to the "AUX" Plugs on the back of my receiver using the RCA cable. Then I'll use my cellphone to stream music from Pandora thru the Bose adapter to my receiver and out my 4 wired speakers. Fine - I can do this. The question is: I have a pair of Presonus Ceres C3.5BT 2-Way Powered Speakers with Bluetooth in the kitchen. How do I get the kitchen Bluetooth speakers to play simultaneously with my wired speakers? I called Bose (very hard to hear) and the heavily accented person told me that I would be able to play them simultaneously. I could sync to the Bose adapter AND the kitchen Bluetooth speakers at the same time with my cell phone. True? If not - what do I need to do???? Help! (I haven't tried to hook anything up yet, it's a Christmas gift)
Bluetooth is like a traditional marriage - one to one, at a time, "M" to "F". You can't pair your phone to two playback devices simultaneously.

The best-known commercial solution for multiple-room sound is Sonos, which would make most of your current stuff obolete.

Another option is to get an 3.5mm-to-dual-Bluetooth transmitter (I have never used such a thing), and use it to pair with the two sets of speakers, with 3.5mm plugged into your phone.
The Link adapter is connected to an input so it couldn't be used to provide an output.
If the Sony has a record out you can connect a BT transmitter to it and pair that to the BT speakers. The Sony volume will not affect the BT speakers.
If it doesn't have record out you will need a speaker to line level converter.
Connect it to the same terminals that you are using for one pair of the wired speakers. The Sony volume will affect the BT speakers.
If you want to use an external BT transmitter connect to the phone you will need one that can pair with two devices like this one


Apr 24, 2017
I have an easier method. I am a gamer. Sometimes my BT or Gamer Headphones would break. So the only thing I had were headphones that connected to my phone. So i did some research and found one application called Soundwire. You can download Soundwire Server to the PC. And download Soundwire app to phone. The method works through your wifi. I started to watch movies this way too. Walking around my home without loosing the storyline. Try it out. Best part its FREE! So one person can connect to BT on PC and the other person can connect to phone with their BT. Works seamlessly!
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