Wireless speaker recommendation--UE Boom? JBL Charge 2? Something else?


Feb 25, 2010
I'm looking for a wireless/Bluetooth speaker in the $100-$200 range to use for listening to music and movies indoors. Seems like everyone recommends the UE Boom, sometimes the Bose Soundlink Mini, and then there's the JBL Charge 2 as a newcomer, which possibly outperforms both (e.g., see this review, this review, and this review).

I'm leaning toward the JBL Charge 2, if it provides better sound quality than the others, but the UE Boom is the only one with the ability to play stereo (if you buy a second one, that is--not that I would get two right now, but it'd leave me the option to buy a second UE Boom and have stereo if I wanted it), and I wonder if it'd be stupid to ignore the stereo option.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Experience with any (or others)? I'm all ears! (...haha, get it...??? :))
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