With HDMI Cable connected b/w multi media Projector and Laptop when Audiojack is inserted the Projector screen goes off

Sep 18, 2018
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I have DELL laptop Inspiron 15R Intel core i7 with AMD RADEON Graphic card -Realtek high defination audio-window-10. when my laptop is connected with Multimedia projector screen the duplicate display is there on the screen but when I insert audio jack of sound mixer panel in my laptop the the display on the projector goes of where it remains on the laptop. I have updated all drivers but problem is persisting. please guide me what should I do?
If the audio cable that you plug into the laptop is not connected to the mixer does the same thing happen?
If it doesn't then you may have some kind of weird ground loop. You can an audio ground loop isolator.
If it does then the issue is in the laptop. A work around would be to use an HDMI audio extractor in between the laptop and projector to provide an audio output.
You will have to set HDMI as your audio device in the laptop.
Sep 18, 2018
Yes its the first case. .... the problem occur when I connect it with the mixer... even if the mixer is powered off the duplicate projection screen goes off. i think you are right Sir... I should buy ground loop isolator..
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