Wondering which gaming laptop i should go for?


May 6, 2015
I am looking to spend as little as possible really, within reason. I will spend up to 1500 but preferably less. i have been looking at reviews and have come across the Alienware 17, the Gigabyte P37W and have seen a few MSI laptops.

Im not the most technical person in the world, so i came here to ask the people who are haha and that hopefully know about more brands and such than i do. So all in all I'm looking for a laptop that can play the most recent games at top graphics and it generally worth the money i will be spending on it.

Thanks for your time.


www.xoticpc.com, look in the gaming laptop link, sort by price. For $1,000 you can get a laptop that will play any game, but may be at lower settings for some. For about 1200-1500 you can move up to Medium and even High settings depending on the game and how smooth you want the frames to be. To reach a really smooth 40-60 frames at higher settings in most or all games, you want to spend as much as you can.
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