Would this run The Sims 4 well?

Jul 9, 2018
My current laptop is on its last breath, and I am looking for a new one and wondering if anybody could tell me if this would run The Sims 4 well? My current laptop was half the price of this, 4gb ram, and i3 processor, and almost 4 years old. I know this one is better, but the reviews of it not being good for gaming makes me a bit weary about it. Any advice or knowledge someone could give me is greatly appreciated!! Also if anybody knows a better computer (under $500) please let me know ;n; or if this one isn’t good for The Sims 4 (and all of the EPs and a few GPs)


Thank you!!!


Feb 3, 2018
Yes you can run Sims 4 on this PC. How well it runs may vary on background applications. For example, if a Windows update is running, you'll have terrible performance in game. No this isn't a gaming PC, but Sims is not demanding at all.


Yeah, generally speaking, that is the best laptop you can buy for $530... especially from an actual physical store. It has a quad core i5-8250u that is more than enough play the Sims 4. It comes with the Intel UHD 620 graphics core and while it is a lot less powerful than the dedicated nVidia mx150 GPU (least expensive laptop with the mx150 on Amazon is $600), it should be fine for playing the Sims 4.

The least expensive laptop that can be purchased on Amazon with an i5-8250u is a 14" Asus which sells for $510; though it does have 1080p resolution screen.