Write File Fps Problems


Feb 22, 2015
Hey guys I am getting so mad because I just cannot fix this problem. Pretty much I have tried every recording program out there including Open Broadcast Software and once I record with every single program it will just caps my Write File FPS at 26-30, while I can run 500 fps in counter strike global offensive while recording. This is not a problem with my specs I think it is an underlying problem but I cannot find out the fix. If someone gives me the fix I will pay $20 paypal to you.
GPU: NVIDIA 980 SuperClocked
CPU: i7-4790k 4.4ghz
Monitor: Asus VG24QE 144hz 1ms Respones Time
Water Cooling: H90
Motherboard: Asus Maximous Hero VI
Accessories: Touch Screen LED Fan Controller
HD: 1TB 10,000 RPM SeaGate Barracuda
SSD: Samsung 256GB

Phillip Corcoran

Are you sure you aren't using trial versions of recording software? Trial versions may have stripped down functionality, often this can mean a limit on the recording time. To get the time recording limit lifted you have to buy the software which gives you a serial number. Enter that in to the program and it unlocks it to the full version.


Feb 22, 2015

No I have purchased the full version of the program. this does not only do it for dxtory it does this with all recording programs.



Where are you storing the recording?
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