Xfinity Cable Box and No Sound From TV


Oct 20, 2016
I have my TV hooked up to an Xfinity cable box and home theater.

I have a rca 58" hdtv LED58G45RQ and just the regular Xfinity cable box (non - X1) and if I were to go from 705 to 730 I lose sound. This happens when I'm scrolling through the Guide and select a program to watch as well as going from regular TV to an On Demand show.

If I turn off the cable box and turn it back, all is fine, until I go from one channel to another channel (say 710 to 786)

Right now, I have my TV hooked up to a sound system (Okno) via the headphones port in which the other end has the white/red ends to plug into the sound system. I have my Coaxil cable going from the xfinity box to the tv.

I was told it was the cable box causing the issue, because it's digital, when I go from one channel to another far up the chain, the digital sound is not catching up or something like that and the fix was to turn the cable box off and back on. This sounds strange to me.

I'm going to try a Digital optic cable tonight and see what that does.

Is it the cable box or the sound system? When we had the sound coming through the TV itself, it worked find. Going from one channel to another high up on the chain did produce any issues.

Thank you all for your comments/suggestions/guidance.