yamaha KX-930 playback issue

Mar 21, 2018
I was about to sell this deck. Havent used it for many years.

After connecting and putting a tape inside I press start.
The head moves in playback position stays there the tape does not move and the head goes back into rest position after a short second.

I looked for an solution and could only find this video.
This person claims he resolved the problem by cleaning the sensors.


So I opened up the deck and some general cleaning.
I can hear the little motor that drives the belt humming the belt is not broken.

anyone familiar with this problem ?

Thanks, Armando
Hahaha.....I recall having this problem in the 70s. From what I recall....there is a mechanical doo dad that needs to be pressed to get the head to not go back.

So for some reason...this isn't getting pressed....or flipped....or whatever.

Look around where the tape goes for some sort of mechanism that needs to be moved.

That's what I remember.