Solved! Yamaha rv-467 to uhd tv.

Jan 1, 2019
Hi, i try to connect my amp to my samung tv on via hdmi arc but cant.. is it my amp dont support the function? After i connect it, the tv show receiver status on sound but tv and receiver got no sound at all.
The short answer is, even if it works, you are going to bump into issues.

Try another cable, I hope one that is under 6 foot.

If that doesn't work, I'd be looking for a receiver firmware update.

If that doesn't work either, new receiver am afraid. Upgrading TV to UHD opens a $$pandora box.

p.s.: I made a cursory look at the Yamaha, forgot to look whether it is ARC capable, because it must be, ARC must be present on both pieces and ENABLED else they won't talk.
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