Solved! Yamaha rx v363

Dec 20, 2018

I just bought the rx v 363 amp second hand.
I have connected to wharfedale diamond 10.3 speakers.
I have conn3cted to the a and b output on the amp where you screed the wires into red and black.
My question is why do i need to go as far as -30 to hear bit sound and then about -12 will be ok for average loud music.
Is this normal.
The more lower I am going the sound gets blurry.


Dec 24, 2011
that thing is pre amp, even yamaha recommends to use amp after it
anyway, as for volume goes, ohms on your speakers doesnt match ouput on your receiver
front speaker A has 6 ohms, B is 8 ohms
u can also do some adjustment for extra dB on each speaker in speaker settings menu
Since that is a surround sound receiver make sure you set it up for only 2 front speakers for stereo,
You would connect the speakers to the front A speaker terminals only. Do not uset the front B terminals at all.
The volume control on the receiver is designed so when you use the remote you can set it just at the volume you want. That makes the increments very small. The way it works for you is normal.
Dec 20, 2018
I tried everything..
I still.have to go as -15 to get loud music.
I also figured out that i have boost the level on the front speakers with the setting ... but i still feel the not powering enough...
Also there is no option to chnage the ohms on the amp.