Yay! I got a demodulator ... but it's bittersweet.



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I finally got myself an AC-3 demodulator. A Yamaha APD-1. Now, I'm watching a
movie on it since I may not get a chance to use it again for some time.

Unfortunately, I live in east Central Florida, where we are going to get
smacked by another frippin' hurricane! After riding out Charlie and Frances
with the house sustaining roof damage as a result, I'm packing my equipment and
media and evacuating to Miami to my sister's place.

Hopefully, my loudspeakers will survive as I'm going to wrap them up in plastic
and put them in a non-leaky room in the house.

Everything else (discs, tapes, software, computer, videogame consoles, disc
players, VCRs, camcorder, audio equipment, toiletries and clothes) is going to
travel with me.

I don't want to go through the trouble of trying to find replacements for
everything, including stuff that may be difficult to find (like my Pioneer
DVL-700, RCA SJT-200, Sony SVO-160, Sony SL-HF400, and, of course, the Yamaha
APD-1). Besides, if the hurricane doesn't take it, I'm afraid that looters

Well, it may be a while before I can access this forum again. So, until then.
I hope to see y'all again at the flipside.

Hopefully, I'll be spinning my AC-3 discs to their full glory again soon. -


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>Good luck Reinhart!
>Steve Grauman

Thanks. I'm going to need it. - Reinhart