Yet another TRRS cable soldering question

Aug 29, 2018
So I've been fixing my HyperX Cloud II recently since the jack had broken. I decided to go janky and use a normal phone earbud TRRS plug since most plugs I bought didn't fit into my phone.
Everything is set together for now, audio works and everything, but when it comes to mic there is something I don't understand. The Cloud II has two cables protected, red and copper, which are the mic and mic ground cables respectively, but there is only a single, copper cable coming out of the jack, which can only be the mic cable.
What shall I do? Would it be okay to just connect the mic ground cable with the headset ground and see if that works?


I am not 100% clear on your situation, but I think I am clear enough to say... can do that.....and I'm almost close to should do that.

I can say pretty definitely that you won't hurt anything.
Aug 29, 2018
Figured out the problem, which was really [watch your language] bizarre to be honest. For some reason these earbuds who's jack I was using are TRRS but they don't have a microphone. It has 4 cables because the 2 audio grounds are separated. I'm so confused, but yeah, disarmed it, didnt find a mic. No wonder.
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