YouTube Camera for Me


Mar 10, 2017
I mainly create DIY videos on YouTube, but also reviews of radio controlled cars, 3D printers and similar products. As of now I have been recording with my Sony Alpha a55 but I've reached a point where the camera limits me to shoot the videos I want.

Here's some of the things I miss with my current equipment:

Slow motion (At least 60fps, is 120fps possible?)
Image stabilization (Sony Alpha a55 does have but doesn't work very well)
Smooth auto focus (Sony Alpha a55 is way to fast and makes noise)
Flip screen to record yourself (vlogging)
Long record time (current camera overheats after 15min)

Budget: 800-1200$

Here you can see what kind of videos I shoot (not trying to promote it):


Mar 16, 2016
Video stabilization is generally going to have to be in the lens. This will rule out Sony. BUT why do you need any stabilization in video at all? A tripod trumps the best stabilization and you can pick your brand then based on lens preferences instead of stabilization type.

Autofocus. I really like how the GH3 auto-focuses. Also the video quality is higher than from the sony Alpha series. But again, the best videos don't rely on auto-focus.

Video quality. Consider just the quality of the video. In general the larger the sensor the better the quality. The exception are cameras that don't do a full-sensor readout such as your a55 (which uses a small center crop). This is one of the reasons why Nikon and Canon full-frame cameras are used in making commercials and TV shows. The other reason being they have so many lenses. In fact most videographers I know use Nikon lenses even if they have to use an adapter (I know one doing this on a Sony a 7s II doing amazing stuff).

If you want a simple upgrade at a modest price. And you must have AF, get a Panasonic gh3. You can get the body used for around 600.
Then either get a stabilized lens for stabilized video or get a prime for max quality.
Which focal length to get depends on which distance you like to work from. For extreme closeups, a macro lens is needed (along with a macro focus rail and a good tripod). For low light, a fast lens (small f-number). For all purpose the 14-140 is ok. There are many versions, a little digging and you'll know the trade offs. If you want quality and need some zoom, get the panasonic f/2.8 zooms. They are great optically, stabilized and weather sealed. The 12-35 f/2.8 (roughly the same as a 18-55 f/4 on your a55)
Around 550 used 700 new. A new version is coming out in a few days. This is going to eb around 1000. Might push down the price of the older one.


Mar 11, 2017
One of the BEST cameras out there for Youtube use was the Flip Ultra HD. I have NO CLUE on why it was discontinued. Best part, it was around a $100 bucks. I think the global elitist probably started hating on it and took it off. Now even a used one is like $400 bucks. If you can actually find one. Bizarre how nobody talks about it. I use to own one and I miss it like a mofo.
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