Zen Portable Media Center Screen Protectors


Feb 14, 2004
JAVOedge is proud to announce the Creative Zen 20GB Portable Media Center JAVOScreen.

Keep your Zen screen clean and scratch free. With this screen protector on you will enjoy its anti-reflective properties when you are out in the sun listening to tunes. Got dust on your screen? No problem, the silicon based adhesive allows you to remove the JAVOScreen without leaving a sticky residue. It is also washable with water and it will still cling back on to your screen likes its brand new! Don’t be fooled by other screen protectors. The JAVOScreen is made out of thick plastics which has about the same thickness as a normal business card.

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Mar 24, 2003
Here are my thoughts on the Creative Zen PMC.

-Big and bulky (Who cares it just means it has a big screen)
-Can't record to device directly from TV
-Scratches easily (I recommend using the case at all times)
-Can't tinker with audio (Can't adjust bass, treble, balance, etc.)
-Takes awhile to put video files on device

-Unbelievably easy to use
-Awesome video playback
-Sound is great (even has own speaker)
-Ultra fast putting music files on device
-Easy to watch during day or night
-Nice size memory for plenty of songs or video or pictures
-Incredible battery life 1 day of music or half a day of video

Gary Hendricks
<A HREF="http://www.digital-music-guide.com" target="_new">Digital-Music-Guide.com</A>