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  1. S

    Need help reprogramming StreamSmart S4 6

    Yesterday my StreamSmart S4 box stopped communicating so I did a factory reset and downloaded the media Center (just like I've done in the past) only this time when it directed me to the "unwizard" their was no utilities setting and no way to reprogram all the addons, help !!
  2. T

    Solved! Slideshow created by Windows Media Center can not be played

    Hello I have been trying to make a slideshow( a video with pictures while a song is played) with Windows Media Center. I managed to create the file and if I open Windows Media Center and find the file there is is played perfectly fine, but when I find the file inside my computer it does not...
  3. K

    applications wont open

    HELP please.I have this problem that my .exe files can but Applications won`t`s weird but my Media Center won`t open as well as Sims 3 idk what i did but pls HELP!!!:??:
  4. H

    Help Receiver Either died or Something else

    It was Working fine Last night, I woke up to no sound, Tuned it Off and Back on, And that down below It turns on but does not shows nothing on LCD It was working fine last night, I woke up a hour ago to find out there was no sound When i woke up It was same same as yesterday LCD on with all...
  5. S

    Help us to confirm you own this account INSTAGRAM

    Hello, so.. Someone was able to get into this instagram account, and added this phone number. I was able to change the password and [CENSORED] before they could secure it. But now, upon logging in, I am greeted with this message. I have linked my INSTAGRAM with facebook and email when I reset...
  6. T

    Built a Media Center/Home Theatre, needs ideas!

    After my third Firestick borked in 3 years I decided to build a PC as a Media Center, this is the route I went - please advise pro's, con's, app's you suggest, changes you would do, upgrades etc! HP Pro 6300 MT i5-3470 8gb 2x2 DDR3 G-Skill Ripjaw HD 7750 1gb HDMI/DVI/DP connections Teamgroup...
  7. B

    need help suround sound

    having problebms getting video and audio hooking up older bose av18 media center to samsung un75h6360 smart tv. what do i need to do this setup. thanks in advance .
  8. M

    Create a home Media Center.

    Hi, I hope someone can help me with something. I have a Desktop PC with 2x D-Link NAS connected where I keep my work, backups and some media like photos, videos, series. I have other two laptops, ipad, and iphone. I would love to be able to make the media folder available for all those...
  9. B

    Can I connect my bose AV model 3_2_1 media center made IN 1996 to my Panasonic 5 IN 1 home theatre system and is it worth it

    Contact my bose 3_2_1 to my Panasonic 5 IN 11 and is it worth it the bose was made IN 1996
  10. C

    How to separate sound using two different displays?

    I am trying to run two tvs off of my media center PC. How done set it up so that I can have two different things on at the same time with the corresponding sound goes to one tv and not both? (So in can put on whatever baseball, hockey, basketvall, etc game is on in one room and have my kids set...
  11. N

    windows problem solution

    Hi... when I start my laptop the Windows media center offenly displayed and thats didn't allow to open another programs. when click the program suddenly Windows media center displayed then I restarted the laptop that normally started but laptop is stuck, after that i pressed the off button...
  12. GrowTFM

    Best Windows For Media Center use.

    I need windows that is best for media center (no need for windows media center tho)
  13. B

    turn on laptop with mouse?

    i have my laptop hooked up to my tv with a docking station and i use it as my media center. but i want to be able to leave the lid closed and turn it on with my mouse at my couch instead of opening the laptop and pressing the button everytime. is there a way to do this?
  14. M

    Minix U1 + LG DH3140S 300 Watt 5.1 DVD Home Cinema System

    Hi guys, I'm new into this so apologies in advance about my little knowledge. I was wondering if I could combine my minix neox U1 with that dvd home cinema? . I didn't buy it yet. I had a look connections and this is all i got: DTH Connection Connect to DTH with LG Home Theater Systems Via...
  15. HappyTorrent

    Have a Pace DVR, want to make a media center

    I have an old Pace IPH8005 DVR laying around, and I noticed it has a 500GB sata Toshiba MQ01ABD050V 2.5in HDD in it. (Sort of took it out. I want to make it a media center, but don't have any clue as to what software to install or how to install it. Help plz. I know its specs, can give them if...
  16. C

    Ulta Budget Laptiop vs Tablet for Home Media Center

    Hi, looking for something to run my netflix, amazon video, external dvds, and sometimes be an actual computer. Also looking for windows OS so I can play all my itunes videos on plane flights. Whats the concensus on Laptops like the Hp 14t, or Lenovo 100s compared to the WinBook WinBook TW801 for...
  17. Can You Help Me Please

    What Is The Best Media To Save My Music Recordings To?

    One discovery that is really a no brainer is online storage, but host also have hard drive crashes issues too, but even if I could hold them liable, I would rather have what I recorded then money that doesn't mean nothing for the work I put into my music. I was sort of thinking of getting a...
  18. X

    Video Editing Rig/Media Center

    - I'm budgeting $1500 to $2000 - It will be a central server PC machine that will run to the living room TV through HDMI and a separate large monitor around the corner. - I'd like as much RAM, Video RAM, Speed, and Local Memory as we can afford. Primarily for the video editing. - With that in...
  19. P

    How to turn Bitdefender total security off

    Is there a way to turn Bitdefender total security 2016 off? I have been unable to update the TV guide in Windows Media Center since the install of Bitdefender total security 2016. I do not have a problem with Bitdefender internet security 2015 and Media Center update on two other computers.
  20. T

    Stereo setup used for media center

    Hello everyone, First of all, I don't know much about audio/video installations. I always have been watching movies on my TV only and listening to music with my computer speakers. I have recently bought a new stereo (speakers and receiver) for music listening. Since I don't have a surround...
  21. B

    I am seriously lost... Virus! Windows Media Center always opening

    HI guys I have no idea what to do. Everytime I click a program on this computer it always opens up windows media center. I so far have tried booting into safe mode and system restore..... windows media center. Repair system disc.... windows media center. That is what I have tried so far. My...
  22. E

    Looking into options for media storage and playback

    Hi,I'm looking into options for media storage and playback, and am a bit overwhelmed at the moment. Currently I use a media playback device called a Lacie Lacinema HD. A media player with built in 2TB storage, ethernet and HDMI connector. Normally I send files to it from my PC, and watch them...
  23. G

    Are there any free, easy to use media (audio) players?

    I have been using WinAmp PRO and JRiver Media Center PRO for a number of years and am quite happy with both. I most certainly enjoy the benefits of the PRO versions. I do not know how to even buy an activation key for WinAmp PRO. Someone told me that who ever owns WinAmp these days has...
  24. G

    How to play Windows Media Center recordings on Sony BDP S3500

    My recently installed Sony BlueRay disk player has a lot of "smart" features and it found the Windows Media Center on my office PC. I can open that and view various file folders (Music, Videos, Photographs) and it will play AVI, MPEG, and WMV videos, but I can't find/play the .wtv TV recordings...
  25. T

    Energy Efficient HTPC?

    I'd like to build a Media Center PC that will also handle my security cameras. I'm trying to generate all of my electricity from my solar panels so I need it to be as energy efficient as possible. I was planning on running LinuxMCE, unless someone has a better suggestion. Should I just use a...
  26. Leibov

    1080p Videos on a PC Connected to TV ≠ Same File Played Directly on TV

    Why does playing 1080p videos on a PC connected to a TV with an HDMI doesn't look as good as the same file played on the same TV using a USB? Before you mention different codecs and different players, trust me that I've tried them all and I've also tested this with various PC's, Mac's and TV...
  27. S

    What network media streamer / NAS combo should I go for?

    I've been using a Boxee Box for watching my digital movie collection sitting on a 6TB WD MyBook Live Duo for ages now. Since the Boxee is getting slow and HD space is running out, I have been looking at different possibilities. I would really appreciate your opinions/experiences on the two...
  28. S

    Should I buy a surge strip with ethernet capabilities? If so which?

    When is it worth it to buy a surge strip with ethernet protection? If so, which model is best?
  29. P

    Bose Media Center Model AV3-2-1 ll

    How do I get power to this system? The only receptacle that looks like it takes a power cord is on the sub-woofer and I don't have a cord that will fit that. Help me out. Thanks, Paul
  30. F

    Windows media center pops up instead of intended window

    How do I get rid of malware that whenever I try to use a malware removal program, as soon as I click run from the download my Windows Media center opens instead?
  31. Z

    TV 32'' recommendation

    Hi, I'm buying a new TV after 10 years and I need a little help. Here are my requirements: - budget: around 300$ - size: 32'' (or bigger if it can fit the budget) - picture quality - highest relevance - sound quality - decent speakers, with at least some bass, so it doesn't sound like a...
  32. T

    HTPC/Media center build

    I have a A6-6400k apu, a fm2+ motherboard, a 64gb ssd, a 750 watt power supply and an optical drive. I am looking to build a htpc(probably running xmbc)/dvr. I would like it to be able to record 3 shows at once and use hardware that I already have. I also have a surrond system already in place...
  33. I

    Dishonest claim of Windows Media Center download as FREEWARE

    This page of your site:,0301-50595.html claming Windows Media Center could be downloaded as FREEWARE (with the small size of around 45kb !) doesn't lead to any free download of Windows Media Center; only to Microsoft site how to get it...
  34. D

    Recording streaming radio while watching tv on a media center

    I simply want to record a three hour radio program while switching back and forth to tv on the same computer... possible?
  35. G

    How to Use Your iPhone as a Flashlight

    The flash of the camera of your iPhone can be used as a flashlight in case of emergencies. Even though using the flash consumes more battery, and using it as a flashlight for long durations can completely drain the power, the option may come in handy when you’re in urgent need of some light. You...
  36. B

    Building an HDMC from scratch

    Hello guys, First of all, I'd like to point out that I'm very much a newbie to building stuff from components alone. Yes, I do know how to take something apart and back together, because it's just plugging in cables and tightening screws. Also, I'll try to do my best with keeping up with the...
  37. E

    I have just become a user of Directv and see that my Windows Media Center doesn't work with Direct TV. What to do?

    I have just become a user of Directv and see that my Windows Media Center doesn't work with Direct TV. The Directv installer said I just needed a cable of some kind that he didn't have and didn't offer to procure. Tech support is useless. What to do?
  38. L

    My notebook computer shuts down unexpectedly.

    Hello Tech Experts: Here's some info: I am using Microspoft (MS) Windows XP Media Center Edition, Version 2002, SP3. Yes, I know it is an old computer, but we've got a solid relationship together, and I believe my trustee notebook computer came down with the flu or something. Actually, I...
  39. R

    Trying to hookup Direct tv set box to dell PC with media center no compatible connections

    Direct tv genie mini to PC monitor
  40. S

    Windows Media Center as DVR for Direct TV

    My dad just switched to Direct TV yesterday from cable but got a package that did not include a DVR (I was ready for the whole home DVR they advertise). I want to used my Media Center PC running Windows7 Pro as a DVR if I can schedule recordings ahead of time. Rest assured this would only be...
  41. D

    Expanding Windows Media Center (HDMI splitter?

    Hey folks Currently: I have a windows 7 media center in my living room, attached to the TV (hdmi) and stereo (digital audio out) Now I want to expand this throughout my house, I have the keyboard/mouse situation handled I'm thinking a HDMI splitter is the way to go, turning on/off tv's...
  42. B

    Looking for good remote for media center / HTPC

    Hello everyone, I brought new gaming PC last week and I want to use is also as media center. The computer is close to my TV so I want to connect the PC also to the TV with HDMI cable. Now the question is that I need some kind of remote for it. I want to only use it for movies (probably with...
  43. P

    Setting up a single Pc for use as a Media Centre with extra needs.

    Hey everyone, I'm looking at building a mini itx home media center which can be used to view and record films,photos, music and moderate gaming at high medium to high graphics, furthermore it would be extremely helpful if its' processing power could be used by multiple user in different rooms at...
  44. G

    Looking to add something to stream media to the computers around the house.

    I want to add media streaming capabilities to my home network. Unfortunately, I am unaware of how I should go about it, especially with so many options available. -This device will only be used to stream media (Movies - Blu-ray rips,Music, and Photos). -I want it to be able to stream to at...
  45. A

    Turn Window Media Center to DVR with WinTV-HVR-1850 Tuner Card ?

    Hello Guys, I have WinTV-HVR-1850 which has 2 coaxial input in the back, i wanted to recod tv shows from my Paid Programming "Cable TV" from COX Communications. See i am running into few problems and wanted to see what are my best options. My HTPC With Win 7 64bit OS and Windows Media Center...
  46. M

    best media center software for my home server

    This summer I want to build a home server with all my TV shows and films stored on it in one central location in my room but I want to be able to access all these shows over my house i.e. Living room, Bedroom etc. Can anyone recommend any devices I can use to connect the server wirelessly to my...
  47. J

    Good PVR program?

    Hi. I have a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2250 TV tuner card. Recently I've been using Windows Media Center to record shows, but it just doesn't work very well. (Lots of corrupted recordings or 'no signal' errors when the signal is great.) Can anybody recommend a good PVR program? I used NextPVR a long...
  48. Joshontech

    How to hook up digital cable to my media PC?

    So I just recently built my dad a media pc for the living room and I have everything set up except for the digital cable. Is there any way to hook that up to my pc and still get all the channels and everything my dad pays for you know the HD channels and all that and not just basic cable. I know...
  49. A

    Xbox 360 Windows Media Center running at 1080i is causing Screen Jitter

    Hi Running the xbox 360 windows media center at 1080i is causing the screen to jitter, when I swap to 720p the screen jitter disappears however I dont really want to drop from 1080i to 720p when playing games and having to change the system settings every time I want to swap seems a bit ott...
  50. fchung0712

    My laptop came with a remote control, but after upgrading to windows 7 I am unable to use the remote

    When I bought my laptop, it came with a remote for media center. the remote was working with the pre-installed OS, but after I upgraded to windows 7, the remote has not been able to control media center at all. I tried replacing the the battery, but the remote was still unresponsive. My Laptop...
  51. K

    Dual Booting Question

    Question: Would it make sense to have dual booting capabilities. For example, I have Win 7 Ultimate and enjoy playing Skyrim, watching movies on XFinity and Netflix. I have the Media Center and no issues. Believe I would have to purchase the Media Center if I upgraded to Win 8 Pro???I like...
  52. T

    Stream from PC Server to TV

    Hi there, I currently have a HTPC that I watch my shows from but I want to reduce the footprint around my media center. Is it possible to stream video and audio content directly to my TV from my PC server (planning to build one and leave it in the office for this purpose). And it is possible...
  53. E

    windows media center just lost its sound

    Hi, this has happened 2-3 times before, i have a vizio tv with an onkyo receiver utilizing hdmi on windows media center windows 7. I accidently hit something on my windows media center remote and lost sound. I tried to restore windows from a previous date, no mutes are on. Its so frustrating...
  54. Azteck

    What is best to play MKV files

    Wondering what is best to play MKV files for a media center? Can you play them through windows media center also?
  55. M

    Broadcasting media center

    I use XBMC to watch my local files on my media center machine (listed in my signature) and I have Plex installed to broadcast outside of my network. I use Plex at work and other places to listen to music mostly. I'm going to be moving back to school soon, and i'm taking my media center with me...
  56. O

    Acer 5251 troubleshooting

  57. G

    Smart TV: From Yesterday to Tomorrow

    The road to home theater heaven is paved with dead products. Windows Media Center Edition (MCE) 2005, tried to let desktop-style PCs deliver the entertainment people wanted on their big TVs while still preserving the PC’s functionality. Early adopt geeks Smart TV: From Yesterday to Tomorrow ...
  58. A

    HD laptop as media center tpo HDTV?

    looking at a laptop to double as a HD and to play blurays through media center to a 1080p TV will something like this have enough kick?
  59. C

    Dell media center dont work correctly

    don't find media or don't play dvd's
  60. captjoe

    Best software for media center build

    I have an new build and wil be loading software this week. I have PowerDVD 11 right now. Any other that the community could recommend. Also windows media center