Can I connect my bose AV model 3_2_1 media center made IN 1996 to my Panasonic 5 IN 1 home theatre system and is it worth it

Connecting them together makes no sense.
If you want surround sound use the Panasonic.
If you want less speakers use the Bose.
If you really want good sound ditch them both an get an AV receiver and some decent speakers.

John Nemesh

Mar 13, 2013
If the Panasonic unit has either a digital or analog line out, you could hook it up...but I doubt the Panasonic has any output other than speaker level. You are better off abandoning both systems and getting something current.
The first question you have to answer is "Why"? The second question is "What I want to achieve"?
Both Bose and Panasonic are audio-playing devices. They either produce sound from eg FM or CD/DVD, or from external source like tape recorder or iPod.

On the other hand, "Home Theaters" are well-known to be "closed system", with their limited connectivity, playing little else that what they already have built-in.