Have a Pace DVR, want to make a media center


Nov 8, 2016
I have an old Pace IPH8005 DVR laying around, and I noticed it has a 500GB sata Toshiba MQ01ABD050V 2.5in HDD in it. (Sort of took it out. I want to make it a media center, but don't have any clue as to what software to install or how to install it. Help plz. I know its specs, can give them if needed.
If I understand this correctly this PACE box is like a TIVO, is a DVR, and you want to convert it to a media center? Am guessing while it probably have some sort of computer inside is not a standard PC and therefore you can't install Windows on it? Now somewhere in some obscure corner of the Internet, *somebody* may have hacked this box and is running all kind of thing on it, but heck if anybody of us here know about it, here we are more into the mainstream stuff, the stuff you can buy retail and/or build yourself.

Good luck with your search.