ZenBook UX305 with m3 6Y30 processor


Nov 8, 2015
Hey guys, I read some reviews that the ZenBook 6Y30 processor isn't that great, because Asus limits the power to the processor.

All I want from my new Laptop is to handle well Microsoft Office, some PDFs documents on the background, and some 1080p videos,

Do you guys think the ZenBook UX305 with the 6Y30 processor will do the job for me?
For what you do the m3-6Y30 CPU should be fine.

It should generally perform better the Core i3-2310m (2.1GHz) which is a CPU from 4 generations ago. I have somewhat old laptop with a Core i5-2410m, but I disabled Turbo Boost and limited the clockspeed to 1.7GHz due to overheating. Since I plan on replacing it I have not bothered to take the laptop apart to replace the thermal paste which should fix the overheating issue. Despite limiting the clockspeed to 1.7GHz (the i5-2410m can Turbo Boost up to 2.9GHz); I find that it is fine for using Excel and watching 1080p video.

Since the m3-6Y30 clocks down to 0.9GHz you might notice a brief lag once in a while when the laptop suddenly needs to something CPU intensive which would cause it to ramp up to 2.2GHz.