Zero Data Gaming on Mobile

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Feb 4, 2019
Hello, this is the first time I'm posting on this forum and I don't know if I'm in the right place for this thread.

So, I just wanna ask something that already happened long time ago but I'm still didn't figured it out until now.

Ok,im using prepaid sim card.whenever my data is empty,im still be able to play certain online games(mobile only)like MMO and PUBG, and I'm pretty sure that my prepaid service didn't give their client a privileged so we can play online games smoothly, the only my ISP gave me is Basic internet which mean I can browse internet whatever I like but the speed is throttle,even email take 4 5 minutes to load pages while in 4G.
how this is happen?
Also there's some difference between MMO and PUBG while in games, I cannot Download updates from MMO games but in PUBG I can! 300+ MB download the updates in under a minute. How?
Is it because of the game server that bypasses my ISP?
Someone help explain it to me.
Not open for further replies.