Solved! Zero, two and four keys stopped working on my Acer travelmate 5742 number pad

Dec 26, 2018
For some reason the zero, two and four keys have stopped working on my Acer travelmate 5742 number pad. The number keys at the top of the keyboard work perfectly, but I very rarely use them due to nerve damage in my left hand,that makes it easier to use the number pad as a game control rather than the usual W,A,S,D. I've tried uninstalling the keyboard driver and rebooting but it still hasn't worked, so any help will be appreciated thank you.
Try an external keyboard and see if that works fine. If so, then it is likely the individual keys (if possible on that device) or the entire keyboard will have to be replaced. They can wear out/get damaged.

This is the most likely case. Depending on your keyboard design, there could either be an electrical problem with the keyboard, or a physical issue with the components underneath the key cap. If an external (USB) keyboard works fine, you'll have to get your built-in one replaced or repaired, if possible - or stick with using an external.