Zone 2 setup


May 12, 2015
I'm a novice with receivers, but I was able to get my Yamaha RX-V675 setup pretty easily. However, I can't get zone 2 to work!!!!! I have tried all the suggestions from the manual to no avail. The sole purpose for zone 2 is backyard speakers for "Super Bowl Sunday" and music for parties.. Please Help!
In many surround receivers with zone 2 capability there are two possible issues.
First is if you are set up for 7.1 in the main zone so the zone 2 amp is already being used. You would have to add an amp and use the zone 2 line outs for it.
Second is that some receivers will not convert digital audio sources into analog for the 2nd zone. Try it with the FM tuner input since this will always work being analog. If this is the problem then run analog outs from your sources and assign them to different inputs than the digital ones. Select those for zone 2 use.
You will also need to turn on the Zone 2 output, select your source and volume independently of the main zone.
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