Adding Additional Languages to an Android Tablet

Want your Android device to be as multi-lingual as you are? Use the following steps to add additional input languages to your Android tablet—all without downloading any unwanted software or jumping through any rooting hoops.

Step 1
All of the changes you will need to make regarding language will be under the “Language and Input” menu in “Settings.” Navigate your tablet to that menu. You will see a “Keyboard & Input Methods” option.

Step 2
Tap “Default” to open a “Choose Input Method” popup. Then tap “Set Up Input Methods” > “Settings” > “Input Languages.” This menu chain will take you to the spot where you need to be to add several different languages to your device.

Step 3
Uncheck “Use System Language” to eliminate the concept of a “default language” on your Android device. Then move down the list of input languages and tap the ones you might want to use on your device.

Step 4
To access your new input languages, open your device keyboard. It doesn’t matter if you are using it on the web or for texting: what matters is that the keyboard is open. You can now easily shift between languages by tapping the settings key and selecting the language you want to type with. (Note: The language key is usually the key with a gear on it, located near the spacebar.)

With these steps, you will be able to input any language you want into your Android device. You can also install new language dictionaries on your tablet, also through the “Language and Input Settings” menu—in case you need some autocorrect assistance with your second device language.