Audio in VLC Player Plays at Very Fast Tempo

VLC Player is the best way in which you can solve out all minute problems concerning the video and audio files. For example, if you find problems with the Tempo in an audio file, you can sort it out within matter of seconds. Of all the complaints that are encountered by the viewers, problems concerning Tempo are something which require a little understanding and you will be able to solve them within no time.

What happens is, sometimes the video and audio files come with predefined settings which, in rare case, can also include Tempo being set at fast or slow speed. A fast Tempo will make the audio to end up quickly than normal time, whereas a slower Tempo will make it end later than normal time. Now, you can adjust this little flaw by following these simple steps:

    ■Log on to the computer using any account.

    ■Open the application VLC Player.

    ■Click on Media menu.

    ■Select the audio or video file in which you came across such problem.

    ■After you have selected the file, click Open.

    ■Play the concerned audio or video file.

    ■Click and open Playback menu in the menu bar of VLC Player.


    ■A drop-down list will appear. Now, place your pointer on the option Speed in the given drop-down list.

    ■Select the option Normal Speed in the submenu.


So, you have seen that how you can adjust the Tempo of the audio file. Now, that you have learnt how to alter the Tempo in an audio file, you can increase and decrease the Tempo accordingly, and can bring the speed of Tempo back to normal. Having knowledge about adjusting the Tempo can help you in future.

This stuff what might seem as a problem to you is used in some places in form of effects. In many places, altering the speed of the audio or video files makes you have a clear understanding of the dialogues or lyrics in the files.

In case of video files, say in a movie, if you haven’t understood an action sequence or a sleight of hand, you can slow down the Tempo and can see as to what was done actually. This is in case of video files. However, as far as audio files are concerned, you can adjust the Tempo according to your preferences. So, it is not a big deal if you find problem in Tempo of the audio file. If you have understood the way of overcoming this obstruction, you will be in a position to sort it out easily next time.
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