Changing DPI Settings on a Windows 8.1 Tablet

Whether you are hooking your tablet up to an ultra high definition monitor or are just having difficulty reading pages on your device, the solution may be to adjust the display Dots-Per-Inch. Sometimes, simply scaling the DPI settings on your tablet can make images, text, video, and everything in between appear more clearly. Here’s how to do it for your Windows 8.1 tablet.

Step 1: To change the DPI settings on your tablet, you’ll need to personalize the settings of your device in the Control Panel. Swipe in from the right edge of your screen, and you will be greeted by a sidebar of options. Tap “Search” from the top of the menu, and enter “Control Panel” in the search bar that appears. When the search result appears, tap it to enter the Control Panel.

Step 2: Once in Control Panel, find “Appearance and Personalization,” and select it. Then tap “Display.” under the Display control panel, there should be a section where you can “Change the size of all items.”

Step 3: In the “Change the size of all items” box, you’ll see that the default option is “Smaller – 100%.” Play around with the options available to you – 125%, 150%, and 200% - and decide which meets your needs best. There are also custom sizing options available, so you can get the DPI scaling just right.


There’s no need to be straining to read the text on your Windows 8.1 tablet. With DPI scaling, you can easily change the sizes of everything on your screen and save your eyes from fatigue.