Question Nothing I click opens on windows 10

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Sep 23, 2020
Hi. I am facing a problem that drove me crazy for the past few days.
So i been hit with an ransomware few days prior and because of slow thinking my computer was infected to the point of no recovering, also my 3 external hard drives were contaminated aswell.
Obviosly i resented myself with the outcome and formatted all 3 external hard drives and lost everything i had on them.
I ran an bootable adware and it deleted everything malicious from pc including hard disks so the last few days i been reinstalling windows 10 over and over again because now an error occurs and it drive me insane.
i wish i could upload a video to show you because is hard to explain the symptoms.
However I am gonna try to explain my case to the best of my ability, after reinstalling windows everything is okay for 2 minutes or so until i tried download something like chrome or sometimes nvidia GeForce then suddenly nothing works, in task bar i see my tabs I clicked on are opened but they are not visible on desktop, sometimes i am able to open ctrl sometimes not, same with folders, settings ( control panel) doesn't work at all, same goes for task manager, literally nothing appears on desktop but keep in mind i see the tabs opened in Taskbar.
Anyone ever had this kind of issue or know what might be the problem ? Is it possible i didn't get rid of the ransomware entirely or something is up with the windows 10 i am trying to reinstall?
Ps. Its the only bootable stick with windows 10 i have right now.
Thanks in advance for whomever read this.
Wish you a good day.
Not open for further replies.