Fix Connection Bug on Your Pebble

If your Pebble smartwatch has already been connected to your iPhone and you want to connect it to another smartphone, you may face connection errors during the process. This bug can be resolved by letting both of the connected devices forget each other and then connecting the smartwatch to the different smartphone.

The process is simple. Here's how to do it:

    ■Switch on your first (already connected) iPhone by pressing the Sleep/Wake.
    ■Tap the Settings icon from the Home screen.

    ■From the Settings window, enable Bluetooth.
    ■Under the MY DEVICES section, tap the ‘i’ sign representing your Pebble smartwatch that is unable to connect with your other iPhone.

    ■On the next window, tap Forget This Device.

    ■Tap Forget Device from the bottom to unpair the Pebble watch from iPhone.

    ■After this, go to the Menu screen on the Pebble watch by pressing the middle button in the right.
    ■Once there, keep pressing the lower-most button from the right to highlight Settings and press the middle button to select the highlighted option.

    ■On the opened Settings screen, select Bluetooth by pressing the middle button.

    ■Highlight the iPhone that you want to remove (unpair) from the Pebble smartwatch and press the Select button.

    ■Finally on the Forget screen, press the middle button to forget the paired device from the watch.
    ■Try reconnecting the other iPhone with the smartwatch via Bluetooth.