Fix firmware update error on your HTC Vive Controller


If your HTC Vive Controller is meeting some kind of troubles then you will see 3 different kinds of error messages on your SteamVR driver. In some cases your problems will easily be solved with system reboot but other times can be much more difficult. Read this tutorial so you can easily solve all the errors that you can meet. If you need to fix firmware update on your HTC Vive Controller than this is what you will need to do, just follow the required steps:

■ First visit this pages for troubleshooting and see if any changes will occur:
Maybe firmware updates also will fix the problems.

How to update the controller firmware:

    ■ Open the application for SteamVR from your PC
    ■ Click on this icon , in case it shows, so you can see if the date for the firmware is out or not. If the date is out than click with your mouse Update controller firmware.
    ■ Make the connection of your controllers and your PC by using your micro USB cable. Just plug in the cable In one of your available USB ports on your PC.
    ■ When the SteamVR application detects your controller, the firmware update will start immediately.
    ■ It's very important to not pull off the micro USB cable before the update for the firmware is finished. If you do the opposite firmware error will occur.
    ■ You can click Done when you see that the update is complete.
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