Google Assistant Can’t Make Calls?


Probably the main use of Google Assistant for many people is to organize their day. Setting reminders, appointments, remembering stuff and anything similar to those commands, is probably something many people use. But that doesn’t mean it’s only limited to that. You can also make phone calls with your Google Assistant.

The thing is, some users can’t because they experience some issues that won’t allow them to make phone calls via Google Assistant. If one of those users is you, read on, and here’s what you can do to fix this issue.

    ■ You should first check your Google Assistant permissions. Open the Settings on your phone.


    ■ Find and tap on Apps (depending on your device, it might also be called Application manager).


    ■ In the list of apps, find and tap on Google app.


    ■ Next, tap on Permissions.


    ■ Select all of the permissions here and turn them on, especially the phone permission (if this resolves the issue, later, you can deselect the ones you don’t think you’re gonna need if you don’t want Google Assistant to have that much control)


    ■ If that doesn’t help, you can try to reset the app. Go to the Google app properties (step 3).


    ■ Tap on Clear Cache. Also, tap on the Manage Space and choose Clear All Data.


    ■ Now return to the app properties (step 3), and tap on Disable (you can also try to Force Stop it). After a few moments, tap on Enable.


    ■ These are basically some generic solutions, but they do work. If the issue persists you might wanna try contacting Google and see how they can help.
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