How Do I Increase Memory with a Micro SD Card


Increasing the memory through a micro SD Card will enable you to access more of the internet streamed video and audios and in a rapid manner. You can also download games to the micro SD card for usage. After the insertion of the micro SD card, you will see faster loading of the channels

Some Roku players are provided access to a micro SD card slot. You can add a micro SD card, you will be allowed to expand the amount of internal memory that available for the installation of channels from the Roku Channel Store. By increasing the memory through a micro SD card, you will be to allow the channels and the games load much faster. Here’s how to increase the memory through a micro SD Card.

On Your Roku Player
Step 1
Insert the micro SD card into the back of the Roku player. Ensure that the Roku player is compatible with the SD card and you will hear a click sound on successful insertion. You might have to remove the HDMI cable from the back so that you can access the micro SD card slot. Once inserted, plug back the HDMI cable

Step 2
Once the micro SD card is inserted, a dialog box appears indicating ‘Micro Card Detected’. Select the ‘Format’ option to begin formatting. A warning would also appear stating that any data on the micro SD card will be erased when formatted. Select Continue option to proceed with the formatting.

Step 3
Once the formatting option is clicked, it might take a few minutes to complete formatting the SD cars. A dialog box would appear on the successful formatting of the SD card. Select the ‘OK’ option on the dialog box.

Now the Roku player can use the micro SD storage to install new channels. It is suggested to have a Class 2 or greater micro SD card which has a minimum of 2GB storage.

You can now increase the memory with a micro SD card through these instructions