How Do I Resolve Problems with My Roku IR (infrared) Remote

The Roku remote issues completely differ based on the type of Roku remote. Foremost you must find your Roku remote type whether it is IR (infrared) remote or enhanced point-anywhere model of remote. It is important to resolve the problem with your Roku remote as it serves as the easiest medium to apply settings to your Roku device.

You can resolve the issues with your Roku remote, by initially determining the remote type, search for external or internal obstacles. You can find the remote type by removing the cover from the battery and find the pairing button. The remote that doesn't have pairing button is the IR Roku remote. Here’s how to resolve issues with your Roku remote.

Roku Device
You might think that the IR Roku remote doesn't respond, but the common reason is that the Roku device is located in a place where the remote signal is blocked or erroneous. Sometimes it may also be due to weak batteries.

Step 1
You must ensure that you can see the front part of your Roku device. Always hold your remote device higher and point it downwards. Check in different directions and ensure no obstructions are present.

Step 2
You can try removing the batteries from your Roku remote and try inserting them after sometime

Step 3
If the Roku button persist to be in problem, you can try replacing batteries in your Roku remote.

Step 4
You can also try getting a new remote. You must check the compatibility of the Roku remote with the device.

When you find the back your Roku remote turn warm or hot during usage, try placing it cool places and do not remove batteries when hot.

You can now solve the issues with your Roku remote by these instructions.
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