How to Add Filters to Instagram Photos

The filter options on Instagram are one of its largest draws, as they let you spice up your photos with a tap. There are a variety of filters from which to choose that enhance your photo and provide it with an artistic feel. You can easily add filters to your Instagram photos by following these steps:.

Step 1:
Start with a picture, either one from your camera roll or taken using the Instagram app. To access your camera roll, press the button on the bottom left in the camera screen. Then, tap the picture you wish to use.

Step 2:
After selecting the photo you wish to edit, you will see the option to add filters. At the bottom of the screen is a list of all the filters. You can scroll through them by swiping left or right. When you tap on a filter, it will alter the picture.

Step 3:
If you wish to adjust the strength of the filter, you can tap the same filter option. You will see a slider that allows you to adjust the strength. When you finish, press the check mark.

Step 4:
Once you have chosen the filter you wish to use, press Next on the top right corner of your screen. This takes you to the screen for adding captions and location and sharing.

To add filters to your Instagram photo, simply choose a photo. Then, scroll through the filters until you find the one you wish to use. Tap the filter and then press next to continue to the share screen.