Adding friends in Subway Surfers not only makes the game more fun with a little friendly competition, it also provides you with coin bonuses!


When you connect the game with your Facebook account, it will automatically find your friends that are already playing and list them for you. If you don't currently have any friends on Subway Surfers, you can always recommend the game to them on Facebook.

Here's how to connect your Facebook account to Subway Surfers:

1. Open Subway Surfers;
2. Tap the Friends icon in the bottom left of the main screen;


3. Tap Connect to Facebook to Collect Friend Bonuses. The app will automatically connect to the Facebook account associated with your device and award you 5,000 coins;



4. Check out your friends that are already playing Subway Surfers! From now on, anytime you visit the friends section, you'll be able to see how many runs your friends have completed. For every 50 runs they complete, you get 350 coins!


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