How to Download a SoundCloud Sound

SoundCloud allows you to promote and share your music for free to other users around the world. in turn, you can also listen to other users' music in the SoundCloud community and help promote each other's music. If you like another SoundCloud user's music, you can download it.

1. By default, not all SoundCloud sounds can be downloaded. Artists have to opt in. To determine whether a particular song or music is downloadable, click the song and look at the download icon below it which is represented by an arrow pointing down. When you see that, then the song is available for download.


2. To allow or restrict your song to be downloaded by other users, click the pencil icon found below that sound.


3. When you click that, you will be taken to the song's main page where you can edit the settings and details. Click "Permission."

4. On the "Permission" page, click "Enable Downloads" to make the track downloadable. Then, click "Save Settings" to confirm the changes you made.

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