How to Find Hidden Channels on Roku

The Roku store does not have every Roku channel. There are several hidden channels, and you have to work to find them. Apps and channels on Roku are the same thing; therefore, there are various additional universal apps in your Roku. These additional apps are only accessible via web.
If you want to find the private or hidden channels on Roku, follow the steps below

Step 1
Find the private channel you need to add
More help is available on the Nowhere Man, which has numerous private channels that you can install. You will find clients for Khan Academy, Songza, CNN, Twitter, Vine, and The ‘Nowhere Bullet’ displays a Push Bullet saver that displays tablet functions or Android phone options on your HDTV.
The Nowhere Man has also created ‘Nowhere TV’ which shows a variety of online video content from various websites.
You must find the channel you want to add. You will get help by searching ‘Roku private channel’ or 'Roku private channels.

Step 2
Add the private channel
Once you find the private channel, you can add it. The process happens on your web browser since there is no private way to add a private channel code on your Roku. Access your Roku account, sign in and go to the ‘My Account’ page. Click ‘Add a channel’. Use the same Roku account that you have linked to the Roku device you are using.

Step 3
Type the code of the private channel
On the Roku website, type the channel invitation code or channel access code. Click on ‘Add Channel’ and your Roku account will receive the channel and wait for installation to your Roku device.
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