How To Fix Roku Remote Pairing Issues


Roku players come with two types of remote: the Standard Infrared remote, and the Enhanced Point Anywhere remote. The latter does not need to be pointed towards the Roku player as it sends its signal through the wireless network. If you’re having trouble with pairing your remote or keeping it paired, you are not alone. Follow these steps to fix the problem;

1. Remove the Batteries
This is the first step if you are having difficulties with pairing. Remove the batteries from your Roku remote.

2. Put them Back In
Put the batteries back in the socket, making sure of the correct orientation.

3. Press the Pairing Button
● The pairing button on the Roku remote is on the back of the device, beneath the battery socket. It is purple.
● Press the pairing button until the green light starts flashing. This will either be beside the button or at the front of the remote.
● If the ‘remote pairing’ screen appears on your TV, the remote is getting paired. Otherwise, try the new few steps.

4. Remove the Batteries
Remove the batteries from the socket of the remote again.

5. Detach the Power Cable from Roku Device
Remove the power cable from the Roku device and wait for at least five seconds.

6. Put Power Cable and the Batteries back in their Place
Reconnect the power cable to the Roku device, and place the batteries back in the remote.

7. Press the Pairing Button
Once again, press the pairing button and hold it till the green light starts flashing.If you see the pairing screen, your job is done. If you are still facing pairing issues, the problem is deeper. You may need to buy a new remote or contact Roku for assistance.

Following these steps should fix any minor pairing issues with your remote.