How To Let Your Apps Access Keychain

When you make changes to a program or app on your iMac or MacBook computer, you may be prompted to enter your password to confirm the changes. This is because certain apps require access to your Keychain in order to make changes. Password protection is a nice security option to have, of course, but if you’re making a lot of changes to your programs and apps, it can be annoying to have to keep entering a password. Use the steps below to give apps automatic access to your Keychain.

Step 1
Start by finding your Keychain Access control center. This is located in your Applications folder, under Utilities. Once there, select the “login” keychain. You will then see a list of different applications and websites that require a password.

Step 2
Find the app for which you want to grant keychain access in the list, then double click it. You will be greeted by an “Attributes” menu, which lists the name of the app, the kind of authentication it uses, and more.

Step 3
Instead of the “Attributes” menu, select the “Access Control” menu.

Step 4
Select the circle next to “Allow all applications to access this item.” Finally, click “Save Change.” Your app will now have permission to access the Keychain.

Having to repeatedly enter your password can be anything from a minor irritation to major blow to productivity. Luckily, Apple Keychain system makes it easy to set up automatic authentication for your Mac OS X apps. Use the steps above to make it work for you.