How to Optimize Battery Life on Windows Phone 8 Devices

How to Optimize Battery Life on Windows Phone 8 Devices

It is well known that Windows Phone's go very long on a single charge but in this tutorial we are going to increase that time! On my Windows Phone device I get up 72 Hours of battery on medium usage (Whatsapp, Wifi, Location, Youtube, Skype, Battery). Please note that if you are not obliged to do any of the things mentioned, they are just recommendations.

Step 1
First of all, Let's turn off features we don't use.

Go to "Games" in "Application Settings" and turn it off (Unless you are a devout gamer)

Go to "Music+Videos" in "Application Settings" and turn it off. When you add new music be sure to turn it on to sync information and album art!

Step 2
Now we will turn off background tasks, these can drain the battery quite a bit.
Settings --> "Background Tasks"
There are many applications here and unless you use the app commonly, turn it off (block it). Chances are you are not using most of the apps daily and they just drain battery life.


Step 3
Next we will uninstall any Battery monitoring. This can drain the battery aswell.

Step 4
Turn off Bluetooth, Wifi, Cellular Data, and Location services. Wifi does not drain the battery as heavy as Bluetooth, Cellular Data, and Location does.

Step 5
This is a measure that can be taken for all phones. It's healthy for the battery every once in a while. Although Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries do not suffer the memory effect, they are affected by polarization and to keep batteries at optimal health it is recommended to completely drain the battery of the phone and then recharge it to 100%.

These are the major steps to take when reducing power consumption on a Windows Phone 8 device. These also work for Windows Phone 7 devices as well.

Thanks for Reading :)
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