How to Send Files from Dropbox to Mailbox

When Dropbox acquired Mailbox they formed a collaboration which made file storage and management much easier. You can compose messages and import your attachments from your Dropbox account. You can send your files from Dropbox to Mailbox using these steps:

Step 1

Download the Mailbox and Dropbox app from the App or Play store into your phone. Log in to Mailbox using your Gmail account if you already have one. If you don't, create a Gmail account as well as a Dropbox account.

Step 2

From the Mailbox app, tap the three horizontal lines found on the upper left corner of your screen to access the menu.

Step 3

On the menu, tap settings then Add Account and several options will appear. Tap Add Dropbox Account and fill in the necessary information. After that, a pop-up window will appear to give Mailbox the permission to access your Dropbox account. Tap OK.


Step 4

From your Mailbox app, create a message by tapping the New Message icon found at the upper right corner of your screen. Scroll down below the message field and tap the paper clip icon beside the camera icon.

Step 5

The action will take you to your Dropbox folders allowing you to browse the items or files and choose which one you will add as an attachment.