How to Set Up a Playlist in VLC

The media player VLC can play any type of audio, video, and media files and works across platforms, which is why it is a popular option. To make it easy to play a number of your files in a particular order, you can create a playlist. With VLC, you can create as many playlists as you would like and easily save them to your computer to return to them again and again by performing the following steps.

Step 1:
Open your VLC player on your computer. Then, click on the menu button Tools and select Playlist. You can also press CTRL + L on your keyboard to pull up the same menu.

Step 2:
You will see a + button in the window. Press this button, which will lead you to another menu. In this menu, select the link for Add File.

Step 3:
To create the playlist, you will need to select files from your computer by locating them in the various folders on your computer. If you want to add several files from one folder, you can use the CTRL, Command or Shift button. One you have selected all the files from the folder you want, press the Enqueue button.

Step 4:
Continue adding files until you have completed your desired playlist. Then, press Save Playlist to File. Select the destination, create a file name, and click Save. To play the playlist, simply select the Load a Playlist button from the Playlist menu and press play.

To set up a playlist in VLC, simply click on the Playlist menu and add files from your computer. Then, save it to your computer so you can access it at anytime.

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