How to Set up Equipment Control in Fire TV Cube

The Fire TV Cube is literarily a combination of Fire TV and the Echo Dot into one helping you to cut the cost of buying the tools separately. You can set up your Fire TV Cube to control your TV, AV receiver, Sound Bar equipment, and cable box or satellite receiver. When set up, you can control all these equipment with your voice. The steps below will guide you on how to set up equipment control in Fire TV Cube.

1. Check your 'Equipment Compatibility'
To check the compatibility of the equipment you want to set up with your Fire TV Cube use the tool on the Fire TV Cube product detail page or visit the website text. It is important to note that not all products are compatible with the Fire TV Cube.

2. Get your Fire TV Cube Remote and the Remote for Other Equipment
You will need the remote for your Fire TV Cube and the remotes for all the equipment you want to set up because you will be required from time to time to go to the ‘Settings’ of the different equipment.

3. Note the Inputs Your Equipment is Using
You need to note the ports on the television that each equipment is using.

4. Go to 'Settings'
Using the remote of your Fire TV Cube, go to ‘Settings’ which can be found on top of the screen. You can set up equipment control when you setup your Fire TV for the first time or by going through the settings menu.

[Note: you can only set up your TV, A/V receiver, and sound bar during your Fire TV Cube setup]

5. Scroll to 'Equipment Control'
Under the settings menu scroll through the various options to ‘Equipment Control’ and press the 'Center/OK' button.

6. Select ‘Set Up Equipment Again’
Under the ‘Equipment Control’ menu you will have three sub menus namely ‘Equipment Control’, ‘Manage Equipment’, and ‘Set Up Equipment Again’. Go for the last one. Fire TV Cube will guide you through setting up each of your equipment.

[Note: Look out for instructions on screens and listen to voice prompts from the TV and the Fire TV Cube. Tests may turn your device ‘OFF’ and ‘ON’ during the process and adjust your volume. If your TV does not turn back ‘ON’ right away you may need to wait longer. If there is a need to turn the TV back ‘ON’ yourself, Alexa will tell you.]

7. Control your Equipment with your Voice
Once setup is complete with Fire TV Cube, you can use your voice to control your equipment with the compatible command.